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OMODA is a key that can access parallel universes, through which you can meet yourself in another space and explore infinite possibilities. OMODA respects every kind of lifestyle and inspires every OMODER to be who they are, showing infinite brilliance through OMODA. Come through the future, OMODA, CROSS FROM FUTURE, CROSS FOR FUTURE.



Without fear of taking risks, with extraordinary thinking, being creative and willing to accept new things...O-CLUB is the exclusive fan community of OMODERs, we will build a global virtual social platform, where we can play together with global users, share the same heart, and keep creating good memories...



O-LIFE advocates the concept of green low-carbon, environmental protection and energy saving brought by high technology, representing the future life scenes of intelligent ecology + intelligent life.

The Omoda C5:

the ultimate

Crossover of Tomorrow

The Omoda C5 doesn't just drive – it propels you into the future! A standout in the world of crossovers, this vehicle showcases a host of features making it truly irresistible. Its integrated diamond matrix grille flanked by split LED headlights gives a distinct face to this innovative beast. With our signature "Art in Motion" design language, coupled with its sporty stance, the Omoda C5 is a shining testament to our revolutionary vision.
Omoda C5 Logo
Omoda C5




Powered by a robust 1.5-litre turbopetrol 4-cylinder engine, every journey promises smooth dynamics and efficient performance.



Revel in luxury with 2 integrated 10.25-inch high-definition screens and experience seamless connectivity with wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.



At Thorp, you'll find the C5 Style variant Omoda for sale starting from just R359 900, ensuring the future is not just near, but also accessible.


Engage with Omoda

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Why Choose Thorp 

Selecting Thorp for your Omoda isn't just a choice – it's a step into a bold new future. With over 25 years leading the South African motor industry, our ethos at Thorp revolves around unparalleled customer service, competitive prices, and making financing easy for our cherished clients.
Our legacy, fused with Omoda's promise of innovation, ensures that every drive you embark on is safe, stylish, and superior. Why wait? Shape your tomorrow with Omoda. Book A Test Drive now.


iconWho sells Omoda in South Africa?

Thorp Omoda is proud to be one of the first Omoda dealerships offering Omoda cars in Cape Town.

iconWhat car is Omoda?

Omoda is Chery's brainchild, representing the zenith of technological innovation and design in the form of family-size crossover SUVs.

iconWhat is Omoda 1 million km?

This refers to our unrivalled 10-year or 1 million km engine warranty, unheard of in the South African car market – until now! Please note this warranty only applies for the vehicle's first owner.

iconWhat is the warranty on Omoda engines?

Every Omoda boasts a 5-year/150,000 km warranty, complemented by a 5-year/70,000 km service plan (this can be passed on to the new owner should the vehicle be sold) and the exclusive 10-year/1 million km engine warranty offered to the first owner only.

iconWhat models does Omoda offer?

At Thorp Omoda Table View, we currently offer the C5 in the following variants: Tech, Lux, Lux S, Elegance and Elegance S.

iconHow much do Omoda vehicles cost?

At Thorp, our Omoda price on the C5 starts from just R447,900 for the Tech model. See more specs and pricing options here.

iconWhere can I buy an Omoda in Cape Town?

Thorp Omoda is conveniently situated in Table Bay Mall in Table View, Cape Town.