Johannesburg, 10 October 2023 - OMODA, a newcomer in automotive avant-garde aesthetics and cutting-edge technology, has announced its upcoming Global User Ecosystem Summit to be held in China, from 15 - 19 October. This exclusive annual gathering, designed for OMODA car owners, will unite OMODERS, key opinion leaders (KOLs), and prominent media figures to co-create and collectively unveil OMODA's groundbreaking low-carbon system and green transportation ecosystem.

A Sustainable Future: OMODA embodies the spirit of "New Journey, New Life - Ride Green Life." Together with its users, OMODA will pioneer a new era of eco-friendly travel experiences.

While outstanding products enhance travel, brand culture and ecosystem development unite like-minded users. This is represented by a "fashion flash," a joint endeavour by OMODA and its trendsetting users to showcase the allure of low-carbon living. The aim is to propel global peers to commit to their own journey toward sustainability.

Emerging Blueprint for a Green Mobility Ecosystem: A bicycle feature also marks OMODA's debut peripheral product, a masterpiece, poised to ignite a green revolution, and which will be spotlighted at the "Ecosystem Product Exhibition" during the summit where OMODA aims to amplify its impact and positive word of mouth, making its vision for a green mobility ecosystem even clearer to the world.

Pioneering Smart Technology in Future Mobility: At the Global User Ecosystem Summit, OMODA will not only embody its commitment to co-create a fresh, sustainable ecosystem but to showcase this ethos in its products.

Firmly focused on ecological technological innovation and eco-friendly product enhancements, OMODA continuously seeks the inclusion of greener propulsion systems, sustainable materials, and advanced technologies to reduce carbon emissions and resource consumption. To cater to diverse travel needs, OMODA will offer various transportation solutions, including electric and hybrid options, all underpinned by intelligent technology. For example, the upcoming new OMODA 5 EV, boasts practical smart features, including voice control, a next-generation ADAS system, and a dual-screen wraparound smart cockpit, promising an intelligent and comfortable driving experience.

The Global User Ecosystem Co-Creation Summit in mid-October promises to clearly articulate OMODA's new vision for intelligent transformation, electrification and eco-smart transportation. Anticipation runs high.