Johannesburg, 17 October 2023 - On the morning of October 17, OMODA launched the ‘Eco Ride’ charity event at its headquarters in Wuhu, China. Over a thousand OMODA users, partners, and media from more than 30 countries and regions around the world gathered to promote low-carbon travel and advocate for green living - serving as a significant segment of the ‘2023 OMODA International User Eco-Creation Conference’. This Eco Ride infused new energy into OMODA’s vibrant, active user ecosystem.

A New Low-Carbon Journey, Embracing a Green New Life

With the global call for green development echoing around the world, the automotive industry, characterised by numerous production processes and extensive industrial chains, needs to prioritise low-carbon sustainable development more than ever.

he theme of OMODA’s Eco Ride is “New Journey, New Life — Ride Green Life,” aiming to utilise the influence and power of the OMODA automobile brand to instil low-carbon awareness in more people and lead a new trend of green living. The green route of the ride encircled the natural “oxygen bar” of Wuhu - the Shen Shan Park. Upon reaching the finish line, participants were awarded specially customised commemorative medals, becoming pioneers in OMODA’s green and active lifestyle ecosystem. In the witness of global users, OMODA embarked on a new journey of green development with a thousand-person ride. The Eco Ride is not just an event but an attitude. This low-carbon fashion flash mob, co-created by OMODA and global users, reflects its steadfast pursuit of green development. This low-carbon, active lifestyle force will propel the automobile industry onto a longer and further road of sustainable development.

Implementing Brand Mission, Letting Intelligent Technology Create Social Value

OMODA has also developed a carbon reduction plan for the entire lifecycle and industrial chain focused on low-carbon development. In the manufacturing process, OMODA uses environmentally friendly materials and advanced technologies to achieve lower production energy consumption and higher recycling rates. In product planning, OMODA continuously strengthens its technological innovation capabilities, actively promotes the implementation of pure electric technology, ensures that all vehicle series have corresponding new energy products, and intensifies efforts in intelligent technology to lead the future automotive ecosystem.

As a responsible global automobile brand, OMODA is involved in various environmental protection activities worldwide. For example, OMODA sponsored a charity ride event in the Middle East to advocate for a low-carbon lifestyle. At the opening ceremony of the Eco Ride, OMODA also signed a strategic cooperation memorandum with the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), linking multiple resources to exert greater potential and contribute more to environmental protection. From the brand to users, and to social organisations, the contour of OMODA’s active lifestyle ecosystem is becoming increasingly distinct through this Eco Ride. It is believed that with a commitment to sustainable development, OMODA will bring an upgraded driving experience and usher in a new era of green travel.