Omoda's Role in the Future of Mobility

The automotive world is undergoing a remarkable transformation, driven by advances in technology, design, and a growing commitment to sustainability. As a forward-thinking brand, Omoda is at the forefront of this revolution, shaping the future of mobility with innovative vehicles that blend style, efficiency, and cutting-edge technology.

At Thorp Omoda, we're excited about how these changes are reshaping the way we think about driving and vehicle ownership. From the streets of South Africa to the global stage, Omoda's impact is being felt in every aspect of automotive design and technology. Join us as we uncover the amazing cars of the future, highlighting Omoda's pioneering efforts in creating eco cars that don't just promise a greener future but deliver an exhilarating driving experience.

The Changing Face of Automobiles

Recent advancements in the automotive industry have been nothing short of revolutionary, especially in terms of design, fuel economy, safety, and technology:

  • Hybrid Technology: The dawn of hybrid vehicles has ushered in a new era of efficiency and versatility. At Thorp Omoda, we're particularly excited about the potential of Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs). These marvels of engineering offer extended ranges in electric-only mode, demonstrating how amazing cars of the future are already a reality.
  • Improved Fuel Efficiency: Advances in engine technology, lightweight materials, and aerodynamics are making vehicles more efficient than ever. We see this as a crucial step in our journey towards sustainable mobility.
  • Alternative Fuels: Hydrogen fuel cells, natural gas and other alternative fuels are promising contenders in reducing carbon emissions, and we at Thorp Omoda are closely monitoring these developments.
  • Advanced Safety Features: The latest cars, including those from Omoda, are equipped with state-of-the-art safety features like collision avoidance systems and automatic emergency braking, ensuring peace of mind for our drivers.
  • Design and Materials: Embracing the philosophy of 'Art in Motion', Omoda vehicles are a testament to innovative design and sustainable materials. The use of lightweight aluminium and carbon fibre not only enhances efficiency but also safety, aligning with our commitment to offering vehicles that are both beautiful and environmentally responsible.
  • Interior Technology: The interiors of our vehicles are where technology and luxury converge. Advanced infotainment systems with touchscreens and voice recognition, like the innovative 'Hello Chery' AI in Omoda models, are transforming the driving experience. These systems provide seamless integration with your digital life, ensuring every journey is as connected as it is comfortable.

Omoda: Tomorrow's Transportation Today

At Thorp Omoda in Table Bay, we're not just witnessing the future of mobility - we're actively shaping it.

Embracing Electric

The future of vehicles is undeniably electric, and at the forefront of this shift is Omoda's premier electric model – the OMODA 5 e-QUA, also known as the Omoda C5 EV. Unveiled at Auto Shanghai 2023, this model marks Omoda's stride into brand independence with its first purely electric offering. In South Africa, we eagerly anticipate the arrival of this groundbreaking electric car, symbolising a significant milestone for Omoda in South Africa.

AI-Powered Convenience

With technological advancements rapidly transforming our world, Omoda is leading the way with its cutting-edge 'Hello Chery' Voice Activated Car AI. This innovative feature, available in the OMODA 5, epitomises the integration of A.I. in automotive design. It allows drivers to control a plethora of car features through voice commands – from adjusting climate control to selecting your favourite song – all contributing to a safer and more enjoyable driving experience.

Safety and Autonomy in Omoda Vehicles

With the rising demand for autonomous driving features that enhance safety, Omoda has again been ahead of the curve:

  • Adaptive Cruise Control: Omoda vehicles, including the widely acclaimed Omoda C5 and Omoda C5 GT, are equipped with adaptive cruise control, enhancing driving comfort while maintaining safety.
  • Forward Collision Warning: The forward collision warning system is another testament to Omoda's commitment to safety, alerting drivers to potential frontal collisions.
  • Autonomous Emergency Braking: This critical feature in Omoda cars underscores the brand's focus on safety, providing an extra layer of protection in urgent situations.
  • Lane Departure Warning and Lane Keeping Assist: These features ensure your vehicle stays safely within its lane, further bolstering Omoda's safety credentials.
  • Automatic Low/High Beam: Enhancing night-time driving, this feature in Omoda cars adjusts headlight brightness based on road conditions, prioritising visibility and safety.

Eco-Friendly Initiatives and Design Philosophy

Omoda is pioneering an eco-friendly approach to travel. The brand's 'Eco Ride' initiative encapsulates this commitment, aiming to propel the automotive industry towards sustainable development. This aligns seamlessly with the global movement towards reducing our carbon footprint and paves the way for a new era of eco car travel.

In terms of design, Omoda's philosophy of 'Art in Motion' is evident in every aspect of its vehicles. The balance struck between performance, avant-garde good looks, and energy conservation is a testament to our dedication to innovation and environmental responsibility.


At Thorp Omoda, we’re proud to be part of bringing the amazing cars of the future to the Western Cape’s roads. Omoda's advancements in vehicle technology, commitment to eco-friendly practices, and pioneering electric vehicles like the OMODA 5 e-QUA are setting new standards in the automotive world.

As we look forward to the continued expansion of Omoda in South Africa, we're excited about the possibilities this brings. Whether you're interested in the journey towards hybrid and electric cars in South Africa, or just looking for a car that combines luxury with cutting-edge technology, Omoda has something for everyone.

We invite you to experience the future of mobility firsthand. Visit us at Thorp Table Bay Mall, part of the Thorp Motor Group, and take an Omoda for a test drive! Discover for yourself why Omoda is more than just a car brand, but a statement about where the world of automobiles is headed.